2014-07-28 01:57:06

How to play:

1. All available items are listed on the Item List page;

2. Click Refresh Once at the bottom right corner of this page to refresh 6 available items;

3. Each refresh costs 1 Jewel Voucher or 10 Diamonds. Players can refresh it for free once a day;

4. When you reach Lv.180, you may get Excellent jewelry in the Hoards.

Function introduction:

1. Item List: All available items in the Hoards are listed here

2. Refresh Once: Spend 1 Jewel Voucher or 10 Diamonds to refresh the item list once

3. Batch Refresh: Spend Jewel Vouchers or Diamonds to refresh the item list multiple times. All the new items will appear in the Batch Refresh interface.

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