Castle Siege

2014-07-28 02:02:14

I. How to apply for Castle Siege

1. Application Time: Castle Siege will be available 4 days after the server is up. Players can apply from 00:00 to 12:00 p.m. and it begins every day from 20:00 - 22:00.

2. Requirements: Applicants must be the leader or the vice-leader of a guild and should have 1 Castle Siege Horn that can be purchased in the shop with 2 million Gold.

II. Rules of Castle Siege

1. Castle Siege starts every day at 20:00 p.m., and will last for 2 hours. Players can     enter the castle siege map via the Guild Envoy in Devias.

2. If no guild has applied for it, then the Castle Siege will not be held on that day.

III. Castle Siege Process

Invading Team:

1. Attack any of the first gates. After entering the first castle, you can destroy the statue (not compulsory).

2. After destroying any of the second gates, you may enter the second castle where you can destroy the statue (not compulsory).

3. After destroying the third gate and statue (compulsory), you can enter the Dragon Tower.

4. Enter the Dragon Tower. Be aware that the Dragon Tower entrance will be closed after 30 minutes.

5. When the entrance is closed, the guild that is still in the Dragon Tower wins the siege.

Defending Team:

1. Enter the Dragon Tower via the guild envoy at the Devias and find the NPC Elder to repair the gates and statues.

2. Defend your gates and statues and stop your enemies from entering the Dragon Tower.

3. Enter the Dragon Tower when it opens and defeat your enemies in it.

IV. Reward

1.The leader of the winning guild can claim the Diamond and Gold reward in the Castle   Siege interface

2.The leader of the winning guild can claim the title - Roland Tyrant

3.The winning guild members can get title - Roland Noble.

4.The winning guild is entitled to enter Devil Land.

V. Tips

1. You can press the button "~" to select the nearby enemy quickly.

2. You can raise your basic attack by up to 50% and 100% by using Gold Cheer and Diamond Cheer.

3. You can purchase consumable items in the discount shop that is located in the upper right corner of the siege interface.

4. Outside the Dragon Tower, the default PK mode is party mode: the invading party and defending party.

5. Inside the Dragon Tower, guild mode is applied.