Durability System

2014-07-28 02:07:10


Durability of weapons will drop according to the damage taken. When monsters’ attack is missed, then it will not drop.


Each time when you receive an attack from monsters, one of your 6 armors will drop its durability randomly. Durability of armors will drop according to monsters’ attacks. When the monster’s attack is missed or the attack damage is 0, then your durability will stay unchanged.

III.Equipment Level and Durability

When equipment’s durability drops to 0, the equipment will not disappear, but it will not be functional.

IV.Restore Durability

1.Players can repair armor and equipment in the bag panel at any time.

2.Angel, Demon, Panda, Beast Horns and Divine Beast cannot be repaired

3.Time-limited mounts do not have disabilities

V.Durability of Jewelry and Wings

1. Durability of Rings, necklaces and other jewelry items will drop according to monster’s attacks.

2. Durability of Wings will drop according to monster’s attacks

VI.Durability and Equipment’s Function

When equipment’s durability drops by percentage, the equipment’s attribute will not change and the attack and defense of the equipment will stay unchanged as well. If the equipment’s durability drops to 0, the equipment will become useless, its attack and defense will drop to 0 as well.

VII.Durability of Wings

The durability of Lv.0 Wings, such as Elf, Angel and Demon Wings is 200. The durability will increase with the wings’ level.

When it drops to zero, all of the attribute bonus for the wings will become invalid.

Note: Durability of Wings can be repaired with Gold.

VIII.Equipment Enhancement and Durability

By enhancing equipment, it can increase the upper limit of equipment’s durability. Each successful enhancement can increase the durability by 3 points. If unsuccessful, the durability will drop by a certain amount of points.