Earn Money

2014-07-28 02:13:53

Obtain Gems   

Ways to Earn Money: You can receive numerous Diamonds by trading and consigning gems and equipment.

1. First, you have to position yourselves after entering the game. You can either become a Small Merchant or a Great Merchant, because different positions will lead you to a different gaming experience.

2. Skills: Small Merchant: mainly obtains gems and basic excellent, luck, and added equipment. Gems include Blessed Gems, Soul Gems, Maya Stones, Life Gems, etc. Since the monsters in the later maps are strong, small merchants who don't spend money can find the prime auto-play spots in the Dungeon and the Lost Tower to obtain gems. Great Merchant: obtains gems much faster with the equipment from VIP and Return Packs invested at the early phase. In addition to obtaining the basic gems and low excellent epic equipments, Great Merchant can also fight bosses and Golden Troops in the first few days since the server is up, to receive more gems and advanced excellent equipments. You can directly sell the equipment.

3. Sell Diamond: Merchants can consign the gems or excellent equipment obtained at the NPC Consignment Merchants in the Lorencia, Noria and Devias (it's convenient, but you have to pay tax), or you can trade face to face (it does not charge tax but you have to use World Chat). For the payment method, you can either directly use Diamonds to trade or pay to the third payment party in US Dollars.

How to use the Market:

Players can buy items or equipment (e.g., gems, excellent equipment) they think are valuable from the NPC Consignment Merchants in the Lorencia, Noria and Devias or the world and sell them to gain the profits.

Market Users: are players who have invested at the early phase and can timely judge if the value of an item can increase and it can sell out.

Market Income: Players can directly use Diamond to trade or pay to the third payment party.


Devil Square     Devil Square:

Devil Square, is the Ocean of Gold! Players are allowed to join this event 5 times per day. While earning EXP, players can also receive massive Gold. (If you have a panda, take it along. If you don't have one, borrow from your friends in the guild. The panda can not only save your time in picking up money, but also pings you extra 50% EXP bonus). It's one of the daily events you won't miss out on!


Gold Bonus     Gold Bonus:

Excellent equipment has attributes in the game, and can

net you extra 40% Gold by killing monsters. Equip excellent equipment during auto-play to have countless Gold.


Retrieve Equipment    Retrieve Equipment:

You will receive numerous normal equipment when auto obtaining gems. Selling them to NPC can net you massive Gold.