Quick Upgrade

2014-07-28 02:16:37

Ways of Quick Upgrade:

1. Sealing Devil event(3 attempts per day).

2. Bounty Quest (10 attempts per day).

3. Solo EXP Instance (3 attempts per day, VIP + 3 attempts).

4. Blood Castle (5 attempts per day).

5. Devil Square (5 attempts per day).

6. Use Panda and EXP Stamps to have 2x EXP.

7. Use Holy EXP Stamps to have 2x EXP.

8. Use Outdoor Auto-Play to obtain gems and level up.


Step 1: It is recommended to be VIP. Become VIP to receive 200 attributes. With that, players can level up and kill monsters quickly. PS: Also, players can unlock the Return Pack (98 Diamonds required) in the Bag to receive massive EXP, items, and instantly level up by 30 levels! Meanwhile, players can obtain a classic Super Enhancement +7 Set that can increase the speed to kill monsters.

Step 2: Complete main quests till Lv. 60. The earlier main quests can offer massive EXP, so it’s the best way for newbies to level up.

Step 3: Outdoor Auto-Play. There is a sticking point when the main quest proceeds to Lv. 60. Players can gain EXP via the outdoor auto-play. Average players can auto play in the Devias while skilled players can try Dungeon Floor 1. After this short auto-play, players can level up to Lv. 65 and continue to complete the main quests.

Step 4: Join the [Blood Castle] event. Monsters of the multiplayer instance Blood Castle have a great many EXP. Teaming with other players can let you quickly kill monsters and also net you Team EXP Bonus. If it is matched with the EXP bonus of the EXP Stamp and Panda, simply one Blood Castle challenge can elevate you to the highest level.

Step 5: EXP Instance + Double EXP Event. Players can enter the EXP Instance from the instance envoy of Noria after Lv. 60, but don't hurry to enter it. Join the Double EXP Event first, which starts from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM in the first 3 days since the server is up. PS: EXP Stamp (50% bonus ) and Panda (50% bonus ) are commended to use in the EXP instance.

Step 6: Outdoor Auto-Play + Gem Obtaining. Everyone should be Lv. 70 or higher after challenging these EXP instances. At this point, players have more maps to choose from: Dungeon 1~2, and Lost Tower 1~7. These maps can offer a great amount of auto-play EXP and also drop Excellent Equipment and gems.

Double EXP    Double EXP:

Duration: The first 3 days since the server is up, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Details: To thank players for the support, we will roll out Double EXP event in this server. During the event, all players can receive double EXP, which can stack with the EXP Stamp and Panda Bonuses. Stack Rules: Monster EXP × EXP Stamp Bonus × Double EXP Event Bonus + Monster EXP × Panda EXP × Double EXP Event Bonus.

EXP Instance    EXP Instance:

Lv. 60 players can enter EXP instance to receive enormous EXP! Normal players can enter it 3 times a day. VIP players can gain extra 3 entries.

For the details, please consult the Instance Envoy.

Panda   Panda:

Panda can benefit its master in the following ways: 1. Master’s EXP obtained +50%. 2. Automatically helps the master pick up money. 3. Master’s DEF +50. Wherever you go, the cute panda will always be with you and let you have massive EXP bonus!

To receive a panda, please select in the Shop.