Blood Castle

2014-07-28 02:17:54

I. Requirements
 Each Blood Castle, 7 in total, can hold up to 10 players at a time;
 Talk to the corresponding NPC with an [Invisible Cloak] to enter the Blood Castle;
 According to players’ level, they can enter the corresponding Blood Castle level.

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II. How to obtain Invisible Cloaks
 You can receive [Spirit Books] and [Spirit Skulls] from monsters, which can be used to synthesize [Invisible Cloaks].

III.Event Time
It opens 24 times a day and begins every half hour, such as 12:30, 11:30, etc.

IV. Drops
(Spirit Books and Spirit Skulls)

V. How to synthesize Invisible Cloaks
To Synthesize, materials should be of the same level.

VI. Blood Castle Rules
1.  The relevant Invisible Cloak disappears when you enter the event map.
2 . You will be unable to enter the Blood Castle when the entry time is over.
3.  After using Return Scrolls in Blood Castle, players are teleported to Devias.
4. Players will not drop any equipment after dying in Blood Castle.
5.  Players cannot PK in the castle.
6.  Players will be teleported to Devias when the Blood Castle quest ends (15 minutes).
7.  Players should complete the mission within a required time, 15 minutes. 1 minute after you killed all monsters, you will be teleported to the Town.
8. You will receive an archangel Buff once you enter the Blood Castle