Scene Introduction

2014-07-28 02:21:51


Requires: Lv. 1 (No level restriction for characters born here)

Features: It’s the newbie village for Blade Knights, Soul Masters and Muse Elves.

Lorencia is located in the center of the MU Continent. The land is wet and rainy. Because of that, the land is covered with grass. Since it is located in the traffic arteries, players like to come here.


Requires: Lv. 10

Features: Entrance of the Demonic Square

Noria is also called the Elf Town, which is located in the east of the MU Continent. It’s a beautiful village, full of green plants and living critters.


Requires: Lv. 30

Devias has its own language - Language of Ice. When you walk on the ground in Devias, you will hear the gentle rustle of snow and ice. It is a snowfield covered with frost. Monsters here are mostly blue and white.


Requires: 1st Floor: Lv. 60, 2nd Floor: Lv. 70, 3rd Floor: Lv. 70

The Dungeon is a deep cave. Its entrance is located to the northeast of Lorencia. It is a nest to Gorgon, the Devil Kundun’s follower. In the dungeon, skeletons and coffins are scattered all around. The one who enters this place for the first time may feel very terrified.

Lost Tower

Requires: Floor 1~3: Lv. 70, Floor 4~5: Lv. 80, Floor 6~7: Lv. 90

The Lost tower has 7 floors and connects the Devias. The level of monsters increase with the floor number. The most dangerous monsters are in the top floor. A horrible Boss, Balrog, guards the Lost Tower. He wears a red metal coat and is adept at attacking invaders with fire balls.


Requires: Lv. 110

Atlans is a mystical empire with the red blazing light shining at the bottom of the MU Continent. It is a gorgeous pearl under the water. Players must achieve Lv. 110 to access it. In Atlans, players will get a new action--swimming. All monsters here from the weakest Bahamut to the strongest Valkyrie Hydra features a mystical and strange underwater world.


Requires: Lv. 150

Tarkan is an uninhabited land. Compared with other maps, the monsters here are crueler, but what is more terrifying is that no wandering merchant is able to stay in the desert. Hence, it is of great importance to take enough potions before challenging the Tarkan.


Requires: Lv. 170

Icarus is the place where the angel’s mount Devil Finnis lives and also the most daunting place among all the maps from the lost map Karima to the land. It is not just because the monsters here are extremely ferocious, but also because the entry requirement is much harsher than any other map.

Kalima Temple

Requires: Lv. 160

Kalima Temple is also called the Lost Map. It was occupied in the year when the human officially started the war with the devils and soon disappeared from the MU Continent for no reason.

Valley of Loren

Requires: Lv. 10

Whoever takes control of the Valley of Loren conquers the MU Continent!

Land of Trials

Requires: Lv. 10 (Members from the castle master guild or castle master are required to unlock it )

Only the ruler of the Valley of Loren can decide whether to unlock Land of Trials or not, which is located in the Valley of Loren. Apart from ferocious enemies, there are tons of precious treasures disappearing from the Mu Continent in the Land of Trials. If heroes can get out alive, they can take away those treasures.


Requires: Lv. 130

A large-scale war between Eika Union and Elf Kingdom Noria broke out before the second God-Devil War. During the war, Eika Union used a forbidden magic which led to the appearance of a space fissure in the Aida. From this space fissure, a number of alien creatures got in and formed the current primitive forest. Hundreds of years later, the Aida has become a world completely isolated from the outside. However, due to the Devil Kundun’s ambition, the war has spread to the Aida.


Requires: Lv. 280

Located in the south of the Valley of Loren, Crywolf is the forefront base of human-Muse Elf alliance against the Devil Kundun’s forces. Owing to the harsh terrain and development, it has been the firmest trench fort. To seize the Crywolf that has stopped them from marching to the north, the devil army has sent more soldiers.

Kantru Relics

Requires: Lv.400

Kantru Ruins

Requires: Lv.30

Swamp of Peace

Requires: Lv.400


Requires: Lv.270


Entry Requirement: Karutan is divided into Realm A and B. After reaching Lv.170, players can enter Karutan Realm A from the Aida and explore.