Return Gift Pack

2014-07-28 02:23:38

Acquisition Requirement: Complete the main quest, “News of Victory from the Southern Gate”.

Unlocking Requirement: Spend 98 Diamonds

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Gift Pack Content:

Swordsman's Return Pack:

Jade Helmet +7, Jade Armor+7 ; Jade Greave +7, Jade Gloves +7, Jade Boots+7, Massive EXP.  

Mage’s Return Pack:

Skeleton Helmet +7, Skeleton Armor +7;Skeleton Greave +7;Skeleton Gloves +7, Skeleton Boots +7, Massive EXP.

Archer’s Return Pack:

Wind Helmet +7, Wind Armor +7, Wind Greave +7, Wind Gloves +7, Wind Boots +7, Massive EXP.