Background Story

2014-07-28 02:32:39

This was a legendary Kingdom, which possessed great wealth.

Thousands of people lived on this peaceful land.

The kingdom had been in peace for many years.

People gradually began to worry less about how protecting themselves, since nobody had attacked them before.  

Finally, a large number of demons came to this land.

The demon changed the wild animals into monsters to attack the kingdom.

Facing those fierce monsters, people could not counterattack. They could only hide themselves in the town.

For some reason, those monsters could not enter the town. The town became a refuge for humans.

To protect their homeland, people stayed together and started to train themselves to be fighters.

Later on, they formed an army. Countless warriors were trained to fight back against the demon.

People united together to push back the demon'ss assault. However, the enemies were so strong.

They finally understood that these demons were well prepared before they attacked their land.

These enemies were strong and powerful, but people would never give up hope. They fought together side by side to protect their homeland.

Because of hope and the people's brave resistance, they held important cities, waiting for the brave warrior to rebuild their homeland.