Artifact System

2015-01-29 02:44:41

1. Unlocking Level

The artifact system unlocks at Lv.280.

2.  Artifact Introduction

2 artifacts have been added: Thundergod's Hammer and Magic Cloak.


Artifact 1: Thundergod's Hammer                  Artifact 2: Magic Cloak  

Basic Attributes:                                       Basic Attributes:

PATK: 18-32                                           PATK: 18-32

MATK: 12-25                                          MATK: 12-25

DEF: 13                                                 DEF: 13

HP: 200                                                 HP: 200

MP: 200                                                 MP: 200

Ultimate Skill: 2% chance to ignore target’s DEF  Ultimate Skill: 2% chance to resist target’s ignore DEF effect


3. Artifact Synthesis

Use 150 Artifact Souls to synthesize 1 Thundergod's Hammer.

Use 100 Artifact Souls to synthesize 1 Magic Cloak.

Artifact Souls can be received from monsters in Crywolf or higher level maps.


4. Artifact Evolution

Artifacts can be evolved into Immortal, Divine and Holy Artifacts with artifact souls. Evolving artifacts can greatly boost their attributes and improve their appearance.


5. Artifact Gilding

Gilding an artifact can increase the artifact’s overall attributes by 50%.