PK Strategy Tips

2015-06-03 01:39:35

PK mode has always been exciting and fun for players. Kill one player to earn 1 PK point. However, you have to pay the price for killing people. When PK points reach 10, your name turns red and you will be punished. So, think twice before starting PK mode.

1: How to Play PK Mode?

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Click Peace to switch your status. Hold Ctrl to quickly switch all statuses. Players below lv.50 will be in a newbie protection status – Peace.

Based on your current condition, there are 4 modes for you to choose from: Peace, Team, Guild and All. Peace mode does not have PK operations, players can attack players from other teams in Team mode, Guild mode disables players from attacking players from the same guild, and in All mode, there are no limitations for attacking PK objects.

2. How Many Punishments Are There?

1) After being attacked, you’ll be in a defensive status during which you can fight back, if the opponent is killed by you, you won’t be punished.

2) Actively attack and kill players to add PK points. When PK points reach a certain amount, the character’s name will become red.

3) When a player’s name becomes red, the player will be punished to some extent.


Unable to use the teleport feature, unable to buy items from NPCs and unable to buy items in the Portable Warehouse.

3. How to Remove a Red Name?

1) Auto Kill monsters and wait for the red name to be erased.

2) Buy Penitential Potions in the shop to quickly clear the Red Name.