MU Classic Closed Beta Launches Today – Special Events & Offers Announced

2014-09-02 01:39:32

Launching the closed beta for the classic action-MMO's return with prizes galore!

MU Classic Official Site-Expedition! Nothing can stop a warrior!-MU Classic

MU Classic combines next-generation browser-based technology with the classic old school gameplay of MU Online. The free-to-play action-MMO is fully updated for the modern era, sporting beautiful 3D graphics, stunning skill effects and many new maps to explore. MU Classic lets players old and new experience the epic MU journey again – no browser plugins required!


The anticipated closed beta phase begins today, Sept 2nd, 2014, at 21:00 (CDT-6), and runs until Sept 10th 23:59 (CDT-6). Data will be deleted after CBT.

MU Classic Official Site-Expedition! Nothing can stop a warrior!-MU Classic

A slew of special events and exclusive offers to celebrate the occasion, announcing generous rewards for all players ready to adventure through the beautiful (but maybe buggy!) city of Lorencia.


Double EXP

Closed beta testers will be testing the quickest version of MU Classic available - all players will receive double EXP to super charge their gameplay!

EXP can be used to rank up faster, or combined with the Item Guide to boost effects on collected items. MU Classic features tons of loot to collect and equip, so get that EXP and see just how powerful you can become.


Diamond Giveaway

We are giving away bags of extra diamonds to all players who reach levels 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150.


The higher the level warriors hit, the more free diamonds they receive. Putting the MU Classic closed beta through its paces and reaching level 150 will see players bag a massive 3,000 Diamonds for free!


Level Up, Win Great Gifts

Besides the diamonds, we have also prepared a variety of Newbie Packs to giveaway as players hit certain milestones.

From level 10 onwards, players will be gifted Newbie Packs bursting with valuable amulets, HP potions, invisible cloaks, resurrection stones, and more just for playing the game.


Pre-Top-Up (Sept 4th – Sept 11th)

The MU Classic charging system will be live on September 4th, allowing adventurers to top up and add money/Golden Beans to their accounts. The Golden Bean to Diamond (MU Classic's currency) conversion ratio is a generous 1 to 40.

All Golden Beans will be refunded to players at the end of the closed beta, and participating players will be rewarded with up to an extra 20% in diamonds to use in the upcoming Open Beta as a special thank you.

For full details of the pre-top-up, follow this link:


Stay Online & Win

MU Classic closed beta players will also be rewarded for the amount of time they spend on the game.

From level 10 onwards, players who stay online for just 1 minute will be rewarded with a free resurrection stone, while those who stay online for 30mins+ will also be given free magic and maya stones and more.

There are 7 time-based giveaways in total, and all players have to do is play for 30mins+ to win them all every day!

Furthermore, we are rewarding players with rare gems, mounts, Pandas and more for logging in on consecutive days. Just make sure you complete the Golden Wolf main quest first.


Squashing Bugs

As always, closed beta players will be expected to report any bugs they find in order to help us prepare MU Classic for release.

Finding and reporting bugs via the in-game forum (ttp:// will be rewarded with tons of extra prizes, which players will receive at the beginning of the open beta.

The more significant the bug reported, the better the reward, with prizes on offer for everything from reporting misspellings to highlighting game breaking bugs and potential cheat exploits.

MU Classic Official Site-Expedition! Nothing can stop a warrior!-MU Classic

The MU Classic closed beta is available now, and the full game release is coming soon to Interested players can register their interest in MU Classic by signing up for free at the official site today:

Gamers can also enjoy a variety of other free online games with the Game321 account, including popular new MMO's Demon Crusade and Endless Fury:





About the Game

MU Classic is an awesome action RPG webgame and one of the most anticipated game of the year! Pick up your weapon to fight dragons in MU Classic and create your own legend!