Temporary Maintenance Notice

2016-12-15 00:44:06

Dear player:

MU Classic will undertake a maintenance during 14:00-16:00, Dec. 15, 2016 (UTC+8).

Server will be closed during the maintenance. Please log off  beforehand.



Event : Double Enhancement Success Rate

Duration: December 9-15, 2016

Server: All

Details: During the event, the equipment enhancement success rate will be increased!

Increase the success rate to 55% when enhancing equipment to + 11. (Original success rate: 40%)

Increase the success rate to 50% when enhancing equipment to + 12. (Original success rate: 35%)

Increase the success rate to 45% when enhancing equipment to + 13. (Original success rate: 30%)


MU Classic Operation Team

Dec. 15,2016


About the Game

MU Classic is an awesome action RPG webgame and one of the most anticipated game of the year! Pick up your weapon to fight dragons in MU Classic and create your own legend!